The world is moving today

XWORK Inc. was established to give a great boost to globalization of Japan with the vision of “Create a culture missing in the future”.

Our mission is to create the global market by providing solution services to companies in Japan where non-globalization and domestic market shrink are seen, and resolve the problems to expand into the world.

The world is moving today. Now, there are people who need “made-in-Japan” somewhere in the world. We had been worried and had thought and made a move to insert a surgical knife to the oversea expansion which has been said to have a big hurdle to expand more and more “made-in-Japan” to the world as well as pursuing profits of companies.

When the culture that is missing in the future is created, someone in the world will be smiling because of our business. That’s why we take the lead in opening the global market.

Shinya Miyamoto

Corporate information

Corporate name
Head office
4-13-15, Minamiaoyama, Minato-ku, Tokyo, 107-0062 Map
Phone no.
+81 (0)3 6804 6163
Shinya Miyamoto
Overseas office
Hong Kong
Unit 1705-06, 17/F., 69 Jervois Street, Sheung Wan, Hong Kong
Business description
– Operation of “THIMPLE”, export/import platform
– Planning and development of E-commerce and products
– Trading related services
– Distribution
– Planning and distribution of private products and brands
– Planning and operation of events
– Branding
– Ad agency
Main financing banks
– Mizuho bank Roppongi branch
– Johnan Shinkin Bank Aoyama branch
– Hang Seng Bank Hong Kong branch
– The Tokyo Tomin Bank Head office